A Jubilee Nation: Zambia.

Mundia Mubita,

On October 24, 2014, Zambia will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee. “Jubilee” itself is a joyful commemoration held on the fiftieth anniversary of any event such as the birth of a nation, in the case of Zambia, It is a special occasion for an important event. The significance of a Jubilee is in the etymology of the word itself. This event has always depicted a significant event in the life of people. It cannot be any different for Zambia.

When the Zambian fathers gathered at the newly built Independence Stadium on the eve of Zambia`s independence on October 23rd, 1964, they were filled with hope. They were too nervous because they were stepping into unexplored territories. Until then, all they had come to be accustomed to were hand-outs: they were civil clerks and house-servants, A.K.A “ka-boys”, under the strong arm of their colonial masters. But now they must govern, they must rule a monstrosity of political mumble-jumbo, an economical web, and international rat-race. Kenneth Kaunda (KK) would shortly be handed the instruments of independence, and with them, the secrets of national governance. Then it dawned on them that the honeymoon could be short-lived; action was immediately required to educate the masses, orient its young leadership, and canvass for new pioneers in medicine, science, technology and communication.

Things to be thankful for in Zambia? In 1897, Johnson Oatman, Jr. wrote “Count Your Blessings… ” and to many people, this is still one of the greatest hymns ever written. Indeed, there are many things to count and be grateful for in Zambia. Chief among them, the state of peace and liberty. These two values are priceless. Zambia continues to lead other nations in being a front-runner in peaceful resolutions. There has never been a notable civil war in Zambia, thanks mainly to its determined leaders who have used its judicial and legislative institutions to solving national impasses. These are therefore some of the reasons why the Golden Jubilee Independence celebrations should be celebrated especially that this is the first and last time Zambia will be celebrating it. Indeed tribute should be paid to KK for the song “Tiyendepamodzi Nomutima Umo…”which means "Lets walk together with one heart", for it brings unity, love and peace among the people of Zambia.