Travelling to Zambia & Not Sure About Visa's...?

Mundia Mubita,

Travelling to Zambia has never been this easy as most foreign nationals do not require a visa or can easily get one from a foreign mission or upon arrival at the airport at a minimal fee.

It is in this regard that Visitors to Zambia have increased over the past years which has in turn contributed largely to the growth of Zambias tourism industry.

In order to obtain a Zambian Visa, you are advised to present a passport with a minimuim of 6months before it expires.

On 28the November Zambia and Zimbabwe introduced a Kaza Visa which can be obtained on arrival and is valid for both countries which lasts for 30 days.

While this particular Visa is still in the first stage, its is expected that in the second stage Namibia, Angola and Botswana are expected to join in the pact and with its success, all SADC countries are expected to be part of the Universal Visa campaign.

Fees for Visa in Zambia include; Single Entry: $50, Double Entry: $80, Day Tripper: $20


1. Clients should use the same name in all their reservations. That makes it easy to identify them during pickups.

2. Clients are also advised to know the exchange rate of their currency against the Zambia Kwacha.

3. It is advisable that clients secure their accommodation in Zambia before traveling.

4. Once you have checked in and if carrying any valuables make sure you have them kept by residence authorities or use the safe in the room.

5. Do not move around with your traveling documents or bank cards unless if you intend to cross the border. Alternatively, photocopy the relevant pages of your passport and visa just as these may be required. Just make sure you have enough cash as you move around.

6. Zambia is an English speaking country and if the English language is a problem please advise us in advance so that we could make alternative arrangements where possible.

7. It’s a must for clients to always listen to their guide as they are in charge of the tours and have all the safety rules that come with all the tours.

8. Once your Reservations have been confirmed with us, we would like to let you know that we will be in charge of your pickups and we shall ensure that you are always on time.

9. If you have any special needs, physical or health wise, please advice us well in advance.