The Blossoming City

Mundia Mubita,

In the Southern African country, Zambia, its cities have blossomed up and have been painted purple by the famous jacaranda tree which for the next one to two weeks is in full blossom. Jacaranda which means fragrant, originates from Guarani.

All the streets of Zambia have been flowered with this magnificent flower tree. It gives peace whenever you are out doors. This is one of those sites tourists will be amazed to see. The pretty flowers announce the coming of summer in this savanna forest country. The tree is also in full blossom in other parts of the world.

The tree is a shrub to a large tree usually ranging from 20 to 30 m tall, with bipinnate leaves. Its flower is produced in conspicuous large panicles, each flower with a five lobed blue to purple ; with a few species with white flowers. It produces an oblong to oval capsule fruit which has numerous slender seeds. This species thrives in full sun and sandy soils, which explains their abundance in warmer climates. Mature plants can survive in colder climates down to −7 °C (19 °F), however, they may not provide as full of blooms.

So for those memorable and perfect summer days in Zambia, the jacaranda tree is definitely one you will not miss out as it has the power to enhance the scenery and make your warm bright days more warmer, brighter and welcoming to all who are in love with mother nature and of course, mother Zambia.