Discover Valleys In Zambia: The Best To See

Mundia Mubita,

This is one of the beautiful sites around the world and because it’s a natural it adds to the entire beauty of the earth. It’s a natural trough on the face of the earth that is completed by a water body. Usually valleys are made through erosion. The narrow deep valleys are sometimes called Canyons. These Valleys are great for scenic, hiking and camping and a lot more other exciting uses.

In Zambia Valleys can be found in the eastern and southern parts, which form the southern end of the great East African rift system.

The Valley of the middle Zambezi and the Luangwa and its tributaries, the Lukusashi and Lunsemfwa are approximately 300m in depth. The Kafue flats also form yet another valley trough and is less than the surrounding plateau, with minor escarpments.

These valleys have been formed by down faulting, with the valley floors rocks dating from the Karroo period. Some fossil bones of mammal like reptiles, which preceeded the dinosaurs, have been found in a few places.

The Luapula Valley is not part of the rift valley system as it belongs to the basement complex. Its natural vegetation is not miombo, and although it resembles the vegetation of the other valleys in structure, the species are different.

These are inhabited by high densities of herbivores in the more popular National Parks have greatly modified the vegetation. Most trees become established as seedlings in dense thickets, but this is an artificial situation brought about by hunting with fire arms, which has forced the animals to take shelter in dense forests and thickets otherwise, when left in peace, they prefer more open spaces.

Fruit bearing trees which become established in the thickets once mature and its ripe fruits fall to the ground, elephants and other animals get attracted to the fruits open up and transform the thicket into parklands. This is what is seen in many game viewing areas of the Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks.

When visiting Zambia, its valleys should be on the check list so as to experience Zambia;

The real Africa