Africa Freedom Day

Mundia Mubita,

It all begun in 1958 on 15th April, in Accra Ghana, were African leaders and political activists gathered at a Conference to found the African Freedom Day, which was meant to monitor

yearly progress of the liberation movement and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign rule and exploitation


The significance of the conference was that it was held on African soil.

Within the first five years of its founding, another conference was called in 1963, May 25th, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. By then atleast two thirds of the entire African continent had gained independence. It was at this conference that the celebration date was changed. Freedom for me is being able to be yourself without your skin colour affecting you in any negative way. In Zambia, 25th May is a celebratory day when people from all walks of lives unite to remember the struggles during the colonial era. On this day, the President of the Republic together with government honour all freedom fighters who struggled for Zambia's independence. Many of them are late but most aged people in society are on this day recognized and awarded.

With that said, Vibrant Africa would love to wish the entire African continent A Happy African Freedom Day.