Livingstone Welcomes You To Summer

Mundia Mubita,

This summer, Vibrant Africa has the best vacation and activity guide to all those that would love to share in the sun happiness in Zambia.

Summer generally regarded as the outdoor season by Zambians, is the best to make that perfect road trip or vacation/honey moon you have been saving up for.

On the warmer side of the weather, Livingstone town greets you with warm and smiles and great hospitality from the Airport , Train or Main Bus Stop. This is the first gesture that welcomes you to the warm people of Zambia.

Accommodation is readily available within town and suburbs near it or for those who are in love with mother nature, you can choose to stay at any safari lodge which are mostly withing the town proximity so that you do not miss any activities.

The Victoria falls, which is one of the seven wonders of the world is nothing but pure natural beauty. And for those who love thrilling experiences why not take up the challenge this summer by swimming at one of the natural pools in the world The Devils Pool, which is right at the edge of the Victoria Falls. It is adjacent to Livingstone Island. Depending on the water levels of the might River Zambezi, swimming in the pool is restrict between August and January.

The Livingstone Island offers a guided tour, breath taking scenes of the falls, the devils pool swim and also a picnic. (Number of visitors is restricted to small groups only)

Bungee Jumping is one of the most sought after activity which leaves people thrilled and full of life after the jump. The jump is about 110 meters. Also on heights you can also go Abseiling and enjoy a walk through the forest after. The Gorge swing over the Batoka Gorge is also a thrilling experience. Take a journey packed with information on the gentile giants- Elephants Trails- and take in all that mother nature has to offer.

The flight of Angels takes you over the Victoria falls is a great experience which gets you so close to the falls for all those rare pictures and views.

Take a Ride in to the forest and wilderness on Horse back. Crossing rivers and camping along the river is also an activity never to be missed.

For water lovers, why not go Kayaking down the mighty Zambezi river and experience white water rafting. You can also experience River Boarding some of the world's biggest river waves and the Zambezi rapids on a surfboard. Sunrise, lunch and evening boat cruises are available from different points of the Zambezi river.

Animal lovers enjoy long intimate and peaceful walks with Lions and Cheetahs. Get up-close with them and help prepare them for re-release back into the wild. This is one of the most unique and rare walks in Zambia. For party animals Livingstone has various pubs and grills in town. Livingstone has is also home to two Museums.