Lusaka National Park

Mundia Mubita,

Lusaka National Park was on the third of June this year formally opened up to the public. It is located on a forest reserve land number 25 and 55 which have since been gazetted for the establishment of the park.

The park which is expected to contribute to the countries coffers through tourism, was established using funds from the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) amounting to US$3 million.

The funds have been used to construct staff houses, roads and small water dams for small animals and of course the fencing off of the park which is about 33 kilometers to keep the animals within the park and to prevent encroachment from neighboring communities.

The park whose objective is to enhance socio-economic benefits for ZAWA and the community, is now stocked with 827 animals which comprise nine species.

The animals are inclusive of: two white rhinos, eight giraffes, 41 elands,19 hartebeests, 26 Zebras,32 Sables,23 Kudus,197 Blue Wildbeasts,18 Waterbucks,19 Nyala, 24 Black Lechwes, 280 Impalas, 39 Pukus and 26 Bushbucks. Others are 47 Blesbocks,10 Reedbucks,13 Warthogs, one Pangolin, and two Axis Deer's,”.

This is of course one of the many Government projects aimed to encourage private game ranches country wide which will in turn create employment and generate wealth for the nation.