Mumba Yachi

Chelsea Road, Ibex Hill

+260 976 355317


A Zambian folk musician born in Mokambo, border town with the DRC Congo. He developed interest in music at a tender age while listening to his mother singing in a church choir and the father playing his various records of African musicians like Franco Luambo, Dr Nico, P.K. Chishala.

A Marvel in the Zambian Music circle.

Mumba Yachi got seriously involved with music after spending just one day at the university. He quit university to follow his music call, he has never looked back since then.

He has been active on the music scene since 2009 and have released 4 albums so far. The latest "I am Lenshina" (1st May 2015) "Mongu Rice" (2013) " Mokambo" (2012) "Inspire me" (2010)

Mumba Yachi has won several awards on the Zambian music scene. He has become a household name in Zambia and is considered as the leading voice in traditional/folk music of his generation. His unique blend of traditional Zambian Kalindula beats and music styles from all over the African continent is now trending, and is ready to cross borders and meet the world.

He has already collaborated and shared stage with a number of well known artists, such as; Femi kuti, Mokoomba, Hugh Masekela, Joss Stone and others.