The Drip

Chilumbulu RD, Kabwata

+2602112 92823/0977 775 330


Under the same roof as the Breakpoint Discotheque, just next door, thats where you find The Drip. The bar for the mature audience, simple, cozy and vibrant. The perfect meeting point and a suitable "first stop" on a night out. Safe car park just next to the venue.

Cozy and friendly bar

The Drip is a unique experience, a simple bar with a vibrant atmosphere, just the ideal place to meet with old friends to catch up and have a drink or two. The bar offers a variety of lagers, spirits, cocktails and all the softies you may need as well. Your perfect hang out.

Enjoy the best of the 80' 90' & 00' music

The DJ's at Drip keep on filling your earbud with the hottest tracks from the last 3 decades, you might just want to chill with a friend, but the music will make you tap your feet and move your body, like "Jagger, Jackson or Tina Turner". The Drip is great fun.