September 30'th

Details To Be Announced Soon

Music Appreciation Day
Opening night
The founders of Modzi Art Gallery

Modzi Arts

Alick Nkhata Road, Long Acres



Modzi Arts aims to grow the contemporary art and cultural scene and make it more visible within the Zambian society, by creating a space that is easy to access, offering education, exhibitions, events and artistic production.

Modzi Arts provides a platform for creative people amateurs as well as professionals

A platform for freedom of expression

Modzi Arts recognises that there are not enough creative spaces in Zambia to foster development of arts. The professional art and cultural scene in Zambia has expressed the need for tools to become a better artist through networking, exposure, education and financial funding. Besides, there is a high demand for musical and visual art education from the general public, since there are very few places in Zambia that offer basic arts education.

The Modzi Arts Centre is a space for cultural and artistic expression to increase citizens' critical consciousness by providing platforms for freedom of expression and debate. We look to empower marginalised groups, specifically women and youth, because the current arts scene is mainly dominated by men. It will be a meeting ground, to help foster connections and collaborations for artists and organisations nurturing social change-oriented art forms and artists.