Highlights of 2016 with Vibrant Africa

Mundia Mubita,

As we draw to the end of the year, Vibrant Africa would like to thank its devoted readers and followers for the support you have rendered towards us. It is in this regard that we would like to highlight some of the pleasant memories we shared with you by reminding of the most like articles that we posted this year.

We will choose from the Wildlife, Lifestyle, Culture and Entertainment articles respectively. We hope that you will enjoy reading through with us this festive season.

The article that received too much activity for the year 2016 is the Things to do in Lusaka

Zambia is a beautiful country in the Southern part of Africa, Its Capital City being Lusaka. For travellers to Lusaka, you can also experience Zambia, the Real Africa. Whether you are here for work, leisure, school, here are the Ten Things to Do/ See to in Lusaka.

This article has information for any traveller from

Nature and Wildlife, Museums, Galleries and Crafts, Eating, Drinking, Parks and Gardens, Landmarks and Monuments and Markets.

In total this particular article has over 52,000 activity and reactions on our Facebook page.

TheDinos Alive Exhibition was the major exhibition for children throughout Zambia. It lasted for over a month and was also open during the just ended Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka.

The Vincentio Phiri : Live Painting Exhibition also had quiet and uproar as the best known abstract painter Zambia has produced, painted a multi-coloured paintings on various canvas. This was his second solo exhibition which was dubbed “The Unconscious Mind”.

The best human interest article was: Sex Tourism and Human Trafficking in Zambia. This is something that goes on within our communities, but for some reason society has chosen to turn a blind eye to it.

Vibrant Africa has over the years joined the rest of the world each year in commemorating World Aids Day as part of its responsibility to raise awareness among its readers and followers.

Coming to the Wildlife, Vibrant Africa stood with the rest of the world in promoting conservation and also the stop of Poaching, a vice that has seen many abundant species of animals move from abundant and to endangered.

Zambia is blessed with abundant Wildlife; among them are famous Big Five. Be sure to visit Zambia and take in the splendour of its wilderness.

The Mweru Wantipa National Park is the less talked about National park and is home to Lake Mweru Wantipa and the Itigi-Sumbu thicket.

Find time to read more about it on the links provided.

With Culture be sure to read the Ukusefya pa’ngwena traditional ceremony and also the Lozi traditional wear plus many more culture information and activities on our articles section.

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