“Vibrant Africa is a comprehensive online guide to entertainment, tourism, culture and lifestyle in “urban africa”, and a topical online media that disseminates information about daily and weekly events, special offers, attractions etc.”

I have been working on/off in Africa for the last 15 years and have seen how the major cities in Southern and Eastern Africa has grown in size, but also regarding the range and quality of nightlife, entertainment shopping, culture and art. This is due to the strong economical growth one has witnessed in many African countries the last couple of years, mainly caused by a new generation of hard working African entrepeneurs, foreign investors and a growing tourism Industry.

The growth brings many people to the African capital cities, for shorter or longer term visits, for business and pleasure, and everyone with a desire to know where to go and what to do.

Becoming metropolises

The African cities are becoming metropolises - and not easy to access if you dont know how to go about. This is the mission of this guide, to show everyone that African cities are vibrant, and has a lot offer, but you’ll need to find it - this is where vibrant-africa.com comes in handy!

This site will take you on an exciting journey to all the places, venues, restaurants and events that you don't know about, and that you probably want to visit.

You can make a fast search and find what you are looking for in our 7 categories; Clubbing, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, Lifestyle/shopping, Culture and Escape, or just pick from our up-coming events/news column and let yourself be inspired by our reviews and highlights on venues, restaurants, bars that we promote on our site.

Our office is based in Central Lusaka, "Showground area" and we are 4 people working at the office, Olivia Mubita Mundia (journalist) responsible for all editorial content. Irene Kiwelu (accountant), Phil Madede (E-marketing) and myself as the managing director and responsible for all online content.

Welcome to Vibrant Africa

Jakob Hoff/director/founder